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Traditional technique
used since the Edo era

技Our technique: The founder, Genki Shibasaki, started brewing sake in 1915 after taking over the sake brewery from the originator, the Morita family, who governed Yoshioka Village of Kita Gunma. Shibasaki inherited the traditional time-honored techniques of the sake brewery established in the Edo era and started brewing and selling sake at the current location in 1921. Shibasaki Sake Brewery remains committed to the traditional brewing process that values quality and taste.

Subsoil water from the
Haruna Mountain system

水Brewing water: Water accounts for nearly 80% of sake’s ingredients. Nestled in the bosom of the natural beauty of Mount Haruna, named for one of Gunma’s Three Famous Mountains, Shibasaki Sake Brewery sits near clear water where fireflies abound. Taking advantage of the optimum environment, sake is made using subsoil water from the Haruna Mountain system, making it rich in natural minerals and offering a completely unique taste.

Quality Japanese sake for
quality time

味Taste: Shibasaki Sake Brewery offers a haven of rest through Japanese sake. To offer the best taste that makes customers’ quality time more enjoyable, we are particular about offering a delicate taste crafted as much as possible by the brewers’ hands and instincts. Offering the best sake for any occasion, both casual and formal, Funaotaki will continue to evolve in the future as the Japanese sake brand that remains popular with people.